"An amazing, honest, wonderful performance" -- Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin


"A lot of actors would be uneasy singing Tammy Wynette's 'Stand By Your Man'
while on their hands and knees, wearing a dog collar and chained to a kitchen
table in a doublewide trailer in Texas.  Kerry Perdue isn't one of those
actors." -- Back Stage


"Perdue came in.  She was just so on the mark.  She is not afraid to be a complete lunatic.  She understands that it is the beat before she throws the punchline that is just as funny as the punchline itself."  -- Dave Barton, Back Stage


"Kerry Perdue gives us a lisping eccentric...''like Nicki in Big Love...act one with its wonderful women is funny." -- OC Weekly


"An honest narrative with raw elements...elicits not judgment but empathy...Perdue shows the undertones of panic and despair beneath Avalyn's daffy exterior." -- OC Register

"Audacious." -- OC Weekly


"Excellent wanted to strangle Eileen T'Kaye and Tom Shelton for cattiness and obnoxiousness which means they aced their roles while you wondered how in the world Pellegrino and Perdue, another adorable couple, like a morning moon to the sun of Griggs and West, ever got to the subject of s-e-x." -- James Scarborough


"...the actors' bravery and honesty will break your heart." -- The Frida Cinema, Snuff


"She has great instincts." -- Michael Tabb


"...charming, revealing, again and again a fine sense of humor, excellently chosen and stated.  Filled with the artist's marvelous ear and creative imagination.  Innumerable glorious observations."  -- Curb Your Enthusiasm's Shelley Berman on A Spoonful of Black Widow

"Fresh, fun, and funny.  This has a wonderful voice in it."  -- Aram Saroyan on A Spoonful of Black Widow


"Peace to my 'SC crew...Kerry Perdue. Your invaluable assistance has made it possible for me to stay focused on my gig, knowing that you had my back. -- Dr. Todd Boyd, acknowledgements, The New H.N.I.C: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip Hop


"She's the best." -- Thelonious Monk Jr.


"Exceptional/consistently curious/engaging/excellent rapport with students, coworkers, and faculty/highly regarded for Socratic teaching abilities" - UT Dallas

Kerry's novel A Spoonful of Black Widow is available on Amazon.

Kerry's piece Lady with Blue Eyeshadow and Dangling Earrings was exhibited at Blue Line Arts Gallery

Kerry's piece It's Her was exhibited at Blue Line Arts Gallery.

Duran Duran's Face for Today official video.

Kerry's piece Ice Queen was shown at Blue Line Arts Gallery.

Kerry's piece Thought was exhibited at Blue Line Arts Gallery.   

The feature film Snuff featuring Kerry as Krys screened at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California. 
OC Weekly writer Aimee Murillo led a Q&A with Director Dave Barton and the cast. 

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